Ebony Zaalman

Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist

Her specializations include BHVT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and pro-aging, but she also treats many people with thyroid diseases and chronic fatigue.

Since 2018 she started BFab together with Sandra Lohuis.
Together they created a weight loss program BLite. We help clients losing weight using our product BLite in combination with a sport schedule.

Ebony also organizes congresses and she give lectures about thyroid diseases and pro-aging.

Sandra Lohuis

Lifestyle mentor

Sandra entered the world of sports 12 years ago. For years she had her own boutique gym, purely to train people face to face.

Besides helping women lose weight, she knows a lot about hormones, the influence of hormones on your body and mind and how you can positively influence your hormones through diet and sports.

Many weight loss methods help but she thought it could be even better. Together with Ebony she started BFab and they developed theis amazing weight loss method BLite.

Together, we help 40+ women. Women who have been struggling for years with their weight, healthy diet and stress reduction. Ladies who tried ‘everything’ to lose that weight and tried everything to keep it off. Thanks to Bite, these women finally, can achieve amazing results.